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We are a group in Taiwan: Taipei / New Taipei / Taoyuan / Chungli / Hsinchu / Taichung / Tainan / Kaohsiung City, the pure part about service delivery outside of the crush, already engaged in this industry for a long period of time, get echo many of our customers, our service quality is word of mouth, to ensure that you consume once after memorable.
Not only about the crush outside our high quality, reasonable price, and first-class service, dissatisfied Baotuibaohuan you to spend is sure to make you satisfied, if you have any unsatisfied place, please do not mean to give us comments and suggestions, Let's go to your satisfaction improved, consumer satisfaction is the only way to continue our long-term business, you are welcome to give us your feedback.

This is the world ‧ a feeling of some people with some people with emotional power ‧ ‧ ‧ Some people feel dominate everything with money, in this to you as leader.
You want the outside about? We can arrange a crush you like and look forward to
Consumer prices: "4k ~ 10k" (a) depending crush on condition (K = thousand)
Consumer satisfaction then crush ago ‧ Free transfer Free transfer ‧ ‧ ‧ customer-Free deceived!
If your needs do not worry, only 4K easy to meet your needs as we can
Help you arrange quality service as long as you have a call and let you enjoy top
∴ speak really if you can find 5K ↑ will be better ~ I recommend the following advice hope to help you decide
1. Because you will not be consumed every day @ _ @ ‧ why force yourself to swallow beverages ‧ ‧ enjoy your favorite ~
2. We have a new crush 6K 5K budget can offer you more than the usual 1K, but grade two poor value for money
3. 4K crush is the lowest ‧ older sister station "29-35" has ‧ young NG‧ long as some old, old
The over>. <Why go at "@ _ @" to prove there are good cheap goods>
8K ~ 10K senior sister
1. The network working girl - charming looks, beautiful appearance, plus ~ angel face devil show girl
2. The advertising model ~ top star appearance make you can not only see her, you can have her
3. online flight attendants, pure part! Perfect service - sexy gold digger ... sexy ‧ ‧ perfect sweet

5-7k hot girls
1. sweet appearance next door crush ~ Body ~ ‧ fanatic along with you into the purple icing - sweet ... "
2. fresh look outstanding beauty - full of smiles affinity to ensure you fascinated! "
3. Skin white ‧ ‧ beautiful eyes face fascinating fashion dress ~ ‧ Eastern Pa run type of working girl "
4. Short-haired pretty big eyes crush. ~ Temperament elegant slim ‧ ‧ perfect skin and fair complexion. - Give you a new sense of love ~
5. Students lover ~ .. specialize your heart ~ perfect body type ‧ posture sexy. ~

4k enjoy cheap high
1. Long Gayle - quality appearance ‧ rational and emotional integration - with a plume soft "!
2. sweetheart babes! Sweet appearance ‧ standards body - thick fiber degree posture ‧ exudes youthful vigor ... "
3. youth Pussycat Dolls! Sexy and playful "college line" - to ensure that fascinate you! "
(There are all kinds of Miss everything, to spend as long as you absolutely let you satisfied)
The Company Business Hours: Daily 13:00 - 4:00.
365 days year round, ready to fill your needs.
The first is about this process ~
1. First you give me your phone and what to call, so contact them convenient
2. You can please tell me your "consumption budget" and like "What kind of mm", to facilitate accurate arrangement!
3. crush ago satisfied then do not force the consumer ‧ ‧ ‧ Free transfer Free transfer ‧ ‧ customer-Free deceived!
Miss read another consumer satisfaction ‧ directly to Miss Qian Jiaogei
*** Free transfer of remittances ‧ ‧ Free Free deceived ***
(Just call your first remittance must be a scam, please be careful to avoid being cheated her brother)
Q1: you may require special services?
A: You can call the special requirements to inform you, we will find Miss can fit you, if you want to increase the part, we will advise on the phone, you agree to re-consumption.

Q2: As long as you can within the time to do it several times?
A: Basically we have a 50 minutes, but if the time has not yet come out, even if the end, if you also want to do, one count of money again.
Q3: Is there provide photo you can see it?
A: We do not provide photographs guests to see, photograph "realism" really bad photo requirements for unnatural beauty will make you want to be cute thing to thing - to be installed retouching is pure artificial creation of our customers with the best! the real side and then how to say people are met - will be the most "feel" Anyway you are satisfied with the consumer, not satisfied or return.

Q4: outside about location restrictions?
A: Basically, we will meet the location requirements of your home or hotel Jieke !!


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